Sarah and Max - Maternity

Maternity Glamour

Belly bumps are the most amazing things. The astounding changes in a woman’s body to create a mini me makes my jaw drop. Like for example did you know that a woman on average has an additional 4 liters of blood while pregnant? Um whoa….. I mean really whoa.. That was something I found out when I shot Sarah who is expecting in May. Popular month. ;) Anyhow, Sarah and her hubby, Matt are teachers, teaching Sciences and fun stuff like that.

Angus and Jett

Angus and Jett

Brothers from a different mother. These two were absolutely wonderful to work with. They had so much spunk and joy. Their fur momma (Carolyn) was just as sassy as these two dolls, and we all had a great time. Of course it is soo interesting and fun to meet new people but they certainly were camera ready when it was time and we happily captured these classic images.



I love the spring and summer months with all the roses and floral in bloom. This year I am looking to book some personal projects outdoors. If you are interested in modelling, please email me. Details are: Female with shoulder length hair or longer, size 4-8 dress size or supply your own gown, makeup will be applied, and you must sign a model release. As the model you will get one digital file for social media use.

The session is at my home studio in Lake Cowichan in the gorgeous evening light.

Summer Time, Summer Time!

Summer Time Session Tips

Summer time .jpg

Ah Summer time, a great setting for some fun photos of you and your loved ones in the great outdoors. Like any season there are some suggestions to keep in mind when going out for a session.

1.       Wear sunscreen. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, especially with children, sunscreen is a must. It can however also make your skin look quite shiny. If possible apply makeup that has built-in sunscreen otherwise apply some powered concealer to spots that look especially oily.

2.       You will ‘glow’. Unless it's a cool day, you're probably going to sweat. Bring along some tissues for dabbing and your concealer powder for touch ups.   

3.       Bugs.  A portrait setting in the woods can be romantic and beautiful, and it could also mean swatting away flies and mosquitos.  Ugh.  So apply or bring a little bug repellent just in case. 

4.       Water. I can guarantee that posing for portraits can be a bit of a workout.  Trust me on this one, but if you schedule a summer session, you may get over heated.  Make sure you bring lots of water and drink up often.

5.       Makeup.  To stay looking fresh with that sun kissed look, avoid over doing your r makeup application.  In this case less is best.  (of course do some trial runs before your session day)

6.       Clothing is not optional. Make sure that what you wear to your session is thought out, you want to be comfortable.  Don’t’ wear anything that is to constricting, or too warm.  Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits your body shape. A quick chat with your photographer may give you some ideas as well with styling.

7.       Choose your time of day. I am sure you have seen those beautiful back lit summer portraits that make you swoon.  Images like that are well thought out with the time of day, so plan your shoot early in the morning or just before the sun sets.

Elan Vital Series

Personal Projects

When I was younger I used to do a lot of sketching, mostly body parts.  I was always sketching eyes that were filled with tears, they were huge in comparison to the face and looked a bit alien like.  I loved to draw them and could spend my time in my room sketching – I was never very good but the process is what I enjoyed.  I was always so happy with my creation, and then one day I became a grown up and put the pencil down.  When I look back I cannot point to one event or another, it just seemed to fade.  The desire just left.  I was likely in my late teens when I pushed it aside, I just was not good enough to make anything of it even though it brought me some joy in the creation process, it was time to grow up.  So, I did.  I mean I did replace some of that creativity with coloring (cause it’s all the rage) and also with photography, but that was in the film days and I always struggled with creating my vision. My inner and outer would never match and I got frustrated for so long.   It’s taken years of practice and playing and getting lost in the process of creating to finally bring me full circle to creating images from portraits that are so, so similar to my childhood days of doodling and sketching.  So I decided to start a series called ‘Elan Vital’ or Inner Child, as a reminder that maybe we can still have joy and to connect with those little one’s we left behind, they are always there for us, and they miss us. 


I am offering this series for clients to book.  If you want to create a beautiful art piece of you, or to help you reconnect with your inner child, please call (250 932-1143)  or email me to discuss a session.

These are precious one of a kind pieces crafted with love and attention. 

I hope to see you for a session soon.


Top Tips for a Sensational High School Senior Session

Sensational Seniors

We all feel a little awkward when we have professional portraits taken.  I remember my own experiences in high school, being awkward and self-conscious when a camera was pointed in my direction.  Now a days most high school seniors are proficient taking

‘Selfies’ with their iphone but still feel self-conscious when a camera is pointed in their direction.  

 Below are few ideas to help you create senior portraits to help create images that will capture your grace, confidence and maybe sassy side?

 1. Smize.

Have you noticed when you smile naturally your whole face lights up and your have a little twinkle in them. Use your eyes to express emotion – just subtle changes make a big difference. It feels weird but before the photo session practice smizing (that is smiling with your eyes) and play with using different expressions to see what looks best.

2. Relax.                                                                                                                                                         Memorable portraits happen when the you are relaxed, confident and having fun. You may have moments of feeling silly but a good photographer will do everything to help you feel more comfortable, and forget you are even in a portrait session.

3. Breathe.

Yes, stating the obvious but breathing is key to capturing a natural look. Just breathe, take a deep breathe, and slowly release and smile.  Try it in the mirror a few times and notice how your face and eyes settle into a natural and relaxed expression.

4. Move.

You are not a model so most of the time you find yourself getting stuck in a stationary pose and that can sometimes look a very staged and cheesy. Small adjustments leaning into the camera slightly, or shift your weight from left to right, or even a slight movement of your chin slightly up and down produces a variety of facial expressions.

5. Beautify.

You know how you feel when you get ‘done up’ – Like a million bucks!  Take that extra time to get your hair blown out, get your makeup done, choose an outfit that makes you look and feel your best.   The same goes for men, take a shower, shave and pick the outfit that makes you feel most confident.  Go the extra mile to walk into your senior session feeling confident, attractive, prepared, and inspired.

Finally, your photographer should help you with basically all the items listed above, so relax and enjoy.  These High School Seniors sessions are so much more than the old ‘Cap and Gown’ of my time, and trust me you (and your family) will look back at them time and time again and cherish them.

Creative Inspiration

My friend Kendall is an artist, model and very sensitive person. She has been sketching since I met her and in the last few years she has been creating these sketches. Each one makes you stop to stare at it, with their colors and sadness that oozes out of them.

Kendall’s images and a talk by another Canadian photographer, Kelly Robitaille inspired me to create my own wide eyed sad doll. I mean I loved my sad clown’s so I knew that a sad doll would be just as epic for me. I have been trying to figure out a style to work with that allow’s me to break out of my ‘brand’ and give me freedom to just goof around. This was one of those times and I just loved it!

I know it is a bit freaky, and out there but is that not what art is? To push boundaries, and allow for creativity to come forth?